About Us

Cinécoop is a bilingual film production company based in Montreal, Québec that focuses on production of feature length fiction, feature length documentary, as well as interactive and web-based projects.

Our vision

Cinecoop envisions a world where great films inspire the best in people.

Our mission

Our bilingual cooperative enables the production of high quality fiction and documentary works by supporting our community of creators with professional production services in a collaborative and a nurturing work environment.

We have built our coop on the following values:

  • Equity
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Work-life balance
  • Continued learning
  • Reduced ecological footprint


Cinécoop was created in 2013 by Geneva Guerin, Martine Asselin, Gabi Kislat, Gwendal Creurer and Tamara Herman to provide quality film production services.

The intent is to support independent content producers without forcing the release of creative or budget decision-making. As a cooperative, members pitch project ideas and selection of works for production supported by Cinécoop is done by a committee of its members. Members of the Coop can take part in decision-making and anyone can apply to become a member.

Cinécoop Productions Ethical Code on Content and Production

Audiovisual content supported by CCP:

  • Reflect a commitment to social and environmental change, in the treated subject or in the production process;
  • Work to eliminate all forms of oppression, including – but not limited to – racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism, both in the treatment of topics and production practices;
  • Engage in artistic and /or experimental forms;
  • Embrace educational and pedagogic work (mainly for documentaries);
  • Support marginalized and vulnerable people that are featured in films and/or are involved in the production;
  • Respect the integrity of people who are featured and ensure their ideas and opinions are represented in their original intended contexts.

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