Flight Over Moonstrife
Fiction in development



Soul-searching animator Raynald Massé can no longer dream. His only friend is Einstein, a talking goldfish, and the two keep each other company, both living in his car. In a scheme to get a real bed to sleep in, Ray confronts his REM-deprived nights when he signs up for a dream research experiment at the campus where he works as a gardener for a prominent landscape architect. After agreeing to undergo experimental drug therapy, Ray’s sleep life blossoms. He dreams vividly of blue moonstrife, a beautiful exotic flower that is so dangerously invasive outside its lair in the Amazon that all specimen are kept under lock and key; and of April, the scientist heading the experiment, whose obsession with her own night dreams compromises her research. Through unearthing his dreams Ray rediscovers his ambition and explodes with a creativity that catapults him from apprentice gardener to master landscaper. But as the line between waking and sleeping life becomes increasingly blurred, Ray’s newly found passion turns to obsession and a shadow is cast over crisscrossed hearts that unwittingly share the same dream.

Flight over Moonstrife is currently in script finalisation phase, with support from la SODEC.


Writer: Sean Moore & Geneva Guerin

Producer:Geneva Guerin